Articles Update

More articles are on the way based on the Cycling Cultures research. The paper that Kat and I wrote on Group Cycle Rides is now published in the June issue of Sociology. Another co-authored paper, on cycling’s sensory strategies (known between Kat and I as the ‘Zombie paper’ because its original title referred to ‘iPod Zombies’) was referred back for minor revisions and is now being re-considered by Mobilities. And a paper I’ve written entitled Governing Transport from Welfare State to Hollow State: the case of cycling in the UK is in press. You can read an author’s version here.

Rachel on cargo bike

I’ve also been out and about last week, attending (a) the first day of the Modelling World conference, (b) a workshop to inform the development of the STEP-CHANGE project, and (c) the inaugural meeting of the European Cycle Logistics Forum. All fascinating, but only the last involved the opportunity to ride an electric-assist Bakfiets during the lunch break…

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  1. Gareth Rees Says:

    Is there an authors’ version of the “Group Cycle Rides” paper? I’d be interested to read this, but I don’t have a subscription to “Sociology”.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Hi Gareth, I’m sending you a copy now.

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